Traffic Exchange Guide

Now that you have your autoresponder set up, grab whatever landing page you like from TEListBuilder and plug it into some traffic exchanges!
You can use any traffic exchange you’d like but I suggest the following six TE’s:

These are my favorite TE sites, it’s because I have lifetime upgrades in all of them.
The advantage of a lifetime upgrade is to have all the perks of a monthly upgrade forever.

With these sites your upgrade will boost your surf ratio to 1:1, that means you’ll get a credit for every site you surf. With the added bonus of the “Wizard Power” feature of all these sites,
if you surf everyday you can get even more credits per each page surfed. For example on Legacy Hits with my lifetime upgrade and the wizard power I get 1.3 credits per each site surfed. This bonus can add up to a lot of extra credits!

You’ll also get a faster surf timer, random referrals, free credits every month and much more for your lifetime upgrade. I highly suggest that you save up and buy a lifetime membership on each of these sites and upgrade in the order they’re listed above.

Other then the above TE’s I also suggest you join EasyHits4U.

The Best Traffic Exchange

It one of the best traffic exchanges and always has hundreds of people surfing at any time of day so your sites are sure to be seen.

One more thing for this step. You need Traffic Browser.

You can use Traffic Browser to surf your traffic exchanges at lightning speeds! Once you’ve joined and downloaded Traffic Browser put the 7 traffic exchanges you’ve joined in and start surfing!

You can use TemBrower which you already have for this, but you’ve already used your 10 templates and will have to buy more to use it with traffic exchanges. Also Traffic Browser is much faster then TemBrower with traffic exchanges, so I say use TemBrowser for safelists and Traffic Browser for Traffic exchanges.

With the next step we’ll be diversifying our traffic with some TE co-ops!

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