Traffic Exchange Guide

Now that you have your autoresponder set up, grab your tracked link and plug it into some traffic exchanges!
You can use any traffic exchange you’d like but I suggest the following ten TE’s:

The Best Traffic Exchange


RealHitz4u - Feel The Punch

Hungry For Hits free traffic exchange banner

Enter your tracking url on these sites and get surfing! These are my top performing traffic exchanges of all time. You don’t need to upgrade in any of these but go for it if you want an extra boost.

One more thing for this step. You need Traffic Browser.

You can use Traffic Browser to surf your traffic exchanges at lightning speeds! Once you’ve joined and downloaded Traffic Browser put the 7 traffic exchanges you’ve joined in and start surfing!

You can use TEMBrowser which you already have for this, but you’ve already used your 10 templates and will have to buy more to use it with traffic exchanges. Also Traffic Browser is much faster then TEMBrowser with traffic exchanges, so I say use TemBrowser for safelists and Traffic Browser for Traffic exchanges.

With the next step we’ll be diversifying our traffic with some TE co-ops!

Please note that EasyHits4U and TrafficAdBar don’t work with Traffic Browser so you’ll have to surf them in a regular browser or use TEMBrowser to surf your TE’s. If you use TEMBrowser you’ll have to use buy templates for these sites and you have to pay for any templates more then 10. You can also earn points to buy templates form sharing TEMBrowser on social networks, winning the weekly surfing contest and your referrals buying templates you already own.

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