Your first and best source for traffic is going to be safelists or viral mailers. With these sites you open emails, click the link in those emails then view another users ad to get credits to send your own ad out to the safelists membership.

But just as important as the safelist itself is TemBrowser. TemBrowser that can open your emails and click the links for you cutting the amount of time you spend earning credits down hours. Once you join TemBrower you’re going to need to buy some templates for safelists. As a free member you can have 10 templates for free so we’ll use those 10 free templates to use 10 safelists.

Join the following sites using a Gmail email made just for safelists. This will only work for you if you use a gmail email, so be sure to sign up for one if you don’t have one. This will also delete all the emails you have in your gmail account after opening them, so make sure you’re using an account just for safelist mails.

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Once you’ve joined all these safelists buy the templates for them on TemBrowser. (I suggest you upgrade your European Safelist membership to the silver level. European Safelist is by far the best safelist on this list and being able to mail everyday to that many more members for only $3 a month is well worth it.) Next wait a day then open up TemBrowser in the control panel beside where it says “My Sites” click the gears and choose “Gmail Helper.” On the Gmail helper page press “Start To Load Mailer Ads” it will open Gmail in a browser and ask you to give TemBrowser permission to use your gmail account, say yes and then TemBrowser will get to work opening your mails for you.

After you’re done getting credits go on your safelists and send out a mailing with your TEListBuilder landing page. I suggest you write your own message and title to make it more likely for people to check out your email. To make it easiser you can use Ninja Mailer to track your safelist and know when when you can send a mail.

Repeat this everyday, check all your emails to get credits and then send out any mails you can.

In the next step you’ll get started with Traffic Exchanges.

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