Traffic Exchange Guide

Now that you have your autoresponder you need to sign up for TEListBuilder. TEListBuilder is a program that helps you build your list.

Start doing the tasks on TEListBuilder, when you get to Autoresponder setup task, click on the first task and choose TrafficWave and enter your username, now press “Update My Autoresponder.”

Follow the other tasks in the Autoresponder Setup module and you’ll have your TrafficWave autoresponder all set up and ready to go!


Now you need to make sure your autoresponder form works!
Look under list Building on TEListBuilder and click “Lead Capture pages.” On this page pick one of the capture pages and open it, it doesn’t matter which one. Now sign up with your own email and see if it works.

If it doesn’t work go back and see if you filled out anything wrong. If it does work continue with the tasks on TEListbuilder, especailly the step where you add messages to your autoresponder!

Once you’re done with the tasks you’re going to need traffic to fuel those signups!

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