The Most Popular Traffic Exchange

Hello everyone, Nicky here and I’m going to tell you about my favorite traffic exchange for getting fresh leads; EasyHits4U.

EasyHits4U is one of the oldest traffic exchanges out there, it runs on it’s own custom script and offers a 1:2 ratio with 15 second timer and a 1:1 ratio for a 20 second timer. Upgraded members can surf 1:1 for 15 seconds though.

The traffic exchange offers lot of great features, users can use a url rotator and a splash page builder. Both of these features are user friendly and anyone could get them up and running in a few minutes.

EasyHits4U has daily draws for free credits and real money, you get tickets as rewards for surfing. Also for every 1,000 pages surfed you’ll be awarded for 30 cents. They also have a plugin for your browser that will give you higher rewards while surfing prize pages.

There are always thousands of people surfing EasyHits4U at any time, assuring that your sites will be seen my many different people.

EasyHits4IU is one of the best and most popular traffic exchanges out there, because it seems to be one of the very first traffic exchanges people join I find it works really well getting leads for programs like TEListBuilder.

Join EasyHits4U and start surfing today!

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