Safelist Guide

Okay, so now your a wiz with your traffic exchanges and you’ve heard about safelists/viral mailers and want to get into them as well. With my safelist guide you’ll be destroying those safelists and be getting referrals and cash from your list all over!

The first step in the safelist guide is to be an upgraded member of The Safelist Organizer. This program comes with a free 14 day trial, so if you don’t like it you don’t have to pay. After that trial the membership you’ll need (Gold) is $5 a month.

The next program you need to join is Referral Frenzy. This site costs $15 or $19 a month (There are two different memberships the more expensive one will let you earn money from referrals) or for lifetime its $197 or $237. With Referral Frenzy you can send your emails out to all your safelists with just a few clicks.

The first thing you need to do to set up this system is to get a free Gmail email address. You need a new one to join safelists with. DO NOT use a gmail address you already have, you’re going to get thousands of emails a day and you don’t want to get your personal emails mixed up with them.

Next log into The Safelist Organizer, click on “Tools” on the menu then “Credit Clicker.” To the right you’ll find a button that says “Credit Clicker 2 Access” that’s the clicker you want, so click on that.

Once on the Credit Clicker 2 page on the right will be a button that says “GOOGLE ACTIVATION INSTRUCTIONS” click on that and follow the instructions on that.

Once you have that done login to your Gmail account on the Credit Clicker 2 page. Your login name will be your Gmail address and the password will be the one you made with the Google activation instructions, not your Safelist Organizer username and password.

Click the login button and the site will load up your Gmail account. Below the login button there are a few options for your clicking.

I set the label to “INBOX”

Search Type to “Primary Links Only”

# Emails to “10”

Delay(sec) to “1”

& After Open to “Mark Email as Read”

Once you have the above set up press the button that says “Fetch and Open.”

The site will then grab the first 10 emails in your inbox, then open the credit links for in in 10 tabs. Wait for your tabs to load and click all the icons you need to in those tabs (If they have icons) and close the tab when you have your credits.

Now just continue to do that for as long as you want. You can read all of your mail or set yourself a time limit. I surf the links for and hour and a half, I don’t make it though all my emails but I get enough credits in that time. You can surf a longer or shorter amount of time, it’s really up to you and how many credits you’ll need.

After you’re done viewing your links, go to the Send Mail V2.0 page on Referral Frenzy again and let it load, once it loads select all and send mail. You have to do this twice, first with the plain text mailers and second with the HTML mailers half way down the page.

Repeat this everyday and you’ll be rolling is quickly obtained credits to promote your sites with.

Don’t know what to promote? I suggest your very own list! For more info on that check out my traffic exchange guide here!