Traffic Exchange Guide

Now you might be wondering how we’re going to get sign up’s just surfing a few TE’s. It’s defiantly not enough to get your landing page out there! So we’re going to use three traffic exchange co-ops to diversify your views!

A traffic exchange co-op is a link you’ll add to your TE accounts along side your lead capture page. With it you’ll send traffic to the co-op, that traffic is exchanged with other members of the co-op on whatever sites they’re surfing on so your lead capture page
will be on many more sites then just the ones you surf.

Join the following three co-ops:

Harvest Traffic Coop banner

Once you’ve joined add your co-op links to your traffic exchanges (make sure you auto assign some credits to them!) and add your landing page link to the co-ops.

Now what do you do? Well, you surf!

Everything is set up now and ready to go, just plug in some traffic to those links and you’ll start seeing results.

Keep trying and don’t give up! Just keep sending traffic and you’ll get subscribers! It won’t be overnight but you keep at it it’ll be worth it!

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