Now that you have your list you need to track how your future traffic preforms, for this we use Leads Leap again.


With Leads Leap you can see what traffic converts into leads and from what traffic source. This tracked link will be the one you promote in traffic exchanges.

The link that you’ll be promoting can be any link you want. I suggest promoting the downline builder that I will talk about in the last step, but it can be any business that you want.

To add your links go down the side bar and find “Trckapp Link Tracker ” and click on “Track Links” on this page you can add your links to be tracked, you can even monetize your links so you can earn with your links as well.

To add your opt-in to the page go to the links settings, Advanced Settings then “Insert Popup” choose the opt-in form you made in the first step.

Leads leap is not just a link tracker, it’s also a very good traffic exchange. The best thing is you don’t have to pay to use their extra features, you can use a free version of them for no charge.


EDIT 07/28/2020:

Great news! Leads Leap now has the landing pages I showed you in the pervious step and these landing pages have built in tracking! You’ll get all the features of the tracker above plus you’ll also see your opt-in rate.

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