The following is a list of my top affiliate program I make money in, this can help you find programs to promote with your own list and on traffic exchanges and safelists.

All of the affiliate programs below I make money in monthly, and I highly recommend.

On to the list!

Leads Leap

Leads Leap is an all in one affiliate program, it has multiple features that you need more then one other program to cover.

This program has a co-op, rotators, trackers, auto responder, pro and free ads, page manager and more.

Leads Leap is my number one program as it combines everything in one for a low price.

It costs $27 a month for pro and you can easily make your money back and more.

The Click Engine

This program gets you 100% real buyer traffic every day for only $4.90 a month.

It’s commissions have a rice range of $2.45 to $101.15 and the $2.45 is a recurring payment.

Although you can just leave The Click Engine to do it’s thing, I highly recommend you surf the links in the daily email.

If you’re one of the top surfers of the day you’ll get your link as one of the sites of the day in the email.

This brings hundreds of views to your site for that day and they convert like crazy!

Just remember not to unsubscribe for the email or your link will be removed.

Get The Click Engine here!

The Downliner

The Downliner is a traffic co-op, with it you can get your sites seen on hundreds of sites while only promoting one link.

I highly suggest you upgrade to a lifetime membership, these cost $297 but you never have to pay again.

You’ll get a huge amount of points and 50% commissions which will quickly add up to you paying for the membership over and over.

Referral Frenzy

I’ve said a lot about Referral Frenzy before, but it’s a must have for marketers.

If you don’t know it’s a program that will send out your emails to over 100 safelists with a few clicks of a button.

If that sounds good you can find my guide to safelists here to set it up.

This site costs $15 a month and you’ll get access to their mailer and thousands of free credits for mailers and traffic exchanges every month.