On a number of traffic exchanges they have a feature called Team Surfing, if you join a team and surf at the end of the week you win extra credits, banner and text impressions depending on how well you and your team surf.

I’ve made a number of Team Surfing teams on traffic exchanges. The team is called TE-Tips so just look on the team listing page and feel free to join!

TE-Tips is on the following traffic exchanges and co-ops:

Without teamsurfing you’re missing out on free credits so it’s a great idea to join one and benefit on the whole teams surfing.

TE-Tips Team Surfing

Hi there! My name is Nicky Harrison and I'm a traffic exchange surfer! I've been surfing traffic exchanges as a job for a few years now. I'd love to help you do the same so check out my guide to traffic exchange surfing on this site! It's the exact same way I do it, so if you keep it up you can achieve it too!

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