Hello everyone and welcome to my top traffic exchanges of January 2019 ranking list. Here you’ll see my top 10 results from last month.

I track my results with trck.me, so if you’re looking for a great tracker you should try them out!

Onto the rankings table!

Source   Views   Unique   Conversions   Ratio   
trafficadbar.com 4,63365%200.43%
easyhits4u.com 12,879 80% 18 0.14%
prizetraffic.com 1,577 18120.76%
trafficmarketplace.org 2,34931%60.26%
hungryforhits.com 1,48562%50.34%
sitexplosion.com 1,80732%50.28%
hit2hit.com 1,94355%30.15%
trafficg.com 1,75677%30.17%
traffic-splash.com 1,55939%30.19
tezzers.com 92849%20.22%

Total conversions for January 2019: 95

Top Traffic Exchanges of January 2019

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