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Save Money

You will never pay for fake, bot, duplicate or even useless traffic. Unlike traffic counters, our in-house filter removes low quality visits automatically.

Use The Best Protection

Automatic system monitors all aspects of user activity and helps our fraud risk specialists to eliminate both scam buyers and scam sellers. 


18 048 scams tried to cheat us…

We ban 16 scams every day
They continue to sell fake traffic outside of Udimi protected environment: on Fiverr, Facebook and forums.

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Join Two Million Happy Customers

Our customers get instant sales and loyal long-time subscribers.

Meet Top Marketers and Make Connections

Most top marketers, top affiliates, heavy earners and opinion-making persons are on Udimi.
Meet them and establish business connections.

Meet Top Marketers

Directly Contact the Seller

Unlike other marketplaces, on Udimi you can directly talk with actual traffic provider. You will get personal attention, friendly advice and support.

Of course, you can meet traffic sellers on forums or social networks, most of them are scams and you’ll never get any protection from click and paymet fraud.

Udimi is the only place where you have everything in one place: direct contact and 100% protection.

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Detailed Info About Every Visitor

Unlike other marketplaces, on Udimi you get detailed information about each visitor: IP, Geolocation, map, Country, City, OS, Browser, ISP, connectin type and much more.

You will never get this kind of detailed report even you buy from Facebook or Google, because they don’t want you to see the real picture.

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Save Your Time
Save Your Time

Our custom system has been created from scratch by the best tech experts, top internet marketers and UX designers.

It will automatically track all results of your orders: general and detailed click statistics, delivery timing & deadlines, ratings, messaging, payments & refunds.

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