Looking for the best traffic exchanges for 2022? Look no further! I’m Nicky Harrison and I’ve been an internet marketer for over 10 year and traffic exchanges are my favorite  source of traffic.

Below is a list of the best traffic exchanges for 2022. These sites have been performing not just this year, but many years before that. These sites are the best ways to get free manual traffic from targeted internet marketing leads.

Now, on to the list…

The best traffic exchanges for 2022

EasyHits4U – This site has been giving me at least 60 conversions a month for years. This is one of the few site’s I’m upgraded in with a premium account. I highly suggest you upgrade here as well, the 1:1 surf ratio for upgraded member is wonderful.

The Best Traffic Exchange

Traffic AD Bar – This site has 25 – 80 conversions per month, really depends on how much I surf. Be sure to spend a lot of time on this one, it’ll send you a steady steam of visitors.

Hungry for Hits – I recently got the top upgrade at Hungry for Hits, and it’s well worth it. I get 20 – 40 conversions a month. Hungry For Hits is great, they have tons of cool features and tools that you can use with your surfing.

Hungry For Hits banner

Hit2Hit – Hit2Hit is a very fast moving TE, defiantly one of the best traffic exchanges for 2022.


Tiger-Hits – Owned by the same owner as HIt2Hit, Tiger-Hits is another fast traffic exchange that you’ll want to put time into.

LionHits – The third site form the same owner as the previous two sites on the list. Lion Hits is another hit and will give me 20 – 40 conversions a month.

Infinity Traffic Boost – You can surf this site if you want traffic for free, but it’s very slow surf to get credits. Thankfully their credits are very cheap and they convert very well. Worth investing in.

Traffic G – Traffic G is another old TE, it’s been online since 2001. They’re a 1:1 traffic exchange, that means you’ll get a view for every site you view.

Traffic-Splash – Another great exchange! Traffic-Splash is a fast moving TE, keep it topped up with credits.

Tezzers – One of the Top Traffic Exchanges for 2021! Tezzers is a wonder exchange, and will bring you lots of conversions!

So that’s my list of the best traffic exchanges for 2022, so changes from last year but the best sites are still hanging on.

For honorable mention I suggest my three traffic exchanges Subzero Hits, Surf-Boss and Team Surfing Club. If you’re looking for more traffic you can’t go wrong with them.

Best Traffic Exchanges for 2022

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