Hello everyone and welcome to my top traffic exchanges for August 2022 ranking list. Here you’ll see my top 10 results from last month.

I track my results with Leads Leap, so if you’re looking for a great tracker you should try them out!

No Safelist list this month. TEMBrowser was down for 3 weeks so I didn’t reads many mails this month, so I didn’t send many either.  

Onto the rankings table!

Source Total Unique Clicks
hungryforhits.com 11658 11393 41
easyhits4u.com 4129 4129 24
traffictiers.com 2467 2465 22
trafficadbar.com 1761 1746 15
tiger-hits.com 1007 989 15
infinitytrafficboost.com 647 646 8
frankensurf.com 476 476 7
hit2hit.com 946 910 6
lionhits.com 886 866 5
clickvoyager.com * 40359 38962 1078

Total conversions for July 2021: 208  

I don’t track the results of my ads on my own traffic exchanges, so if you’re looking for a new place to surf check out Subzero Hits, Surf-Boss & Team Surfing Club.


* I’m not confident in the results from Click Voyager, it’s stats are just too good. Take these results with a grain of salt, not sure how many are real. I know some hits are but I’ve not added the clicks to the total for that reason.

Top Traffic Exchanges for September 2022

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