Hello everyone and welcome to my top traffic exchanges of May 2020 ranking list. Here you’ll see my top 10 results from last month.

I track my results with Leads Leap, so if you’re looking for a great tracker you should try them out!

Onto the rankings table!

Source Total Unique Clicks
easyhits4u.com 12819 8469 123
trafficadbar.com 6111 3482 51
hit2hit.com 2384 1061 11
webmasterquest.com 1310 509 11
hungryforhits.com 2255 1122 9
traffic-splash.com 1232 649 4
cosmictraffic.com 2072 365 3
hitsvoodoo.com 373 163 3
trafficg.com 1195 920 2
traffichumanoid.website 323 142 2

Total conversions for May 2020: 306

I don’t track the results of my ads on my own traffic exchanges, so if you’re looking for a new place to surf check out Subzero Hits & Surf-Boss.

Top Traffic Exchanges of May 2020

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