Now that you’re a traffic exchange pro you might want to know where else you can get leads for your list.

A great way is with Safelists!

Safelists are websites that you join and you get members emails sent to you, you click a link in it and then you get credited some credits to send out your own emails with. It’s a lot like a traffic exchange in this way but I think people pay more attention of safelist emails then sites on TE’s as they go through less pages and their attention is much higher.

To start you off you’ll need a few safelists to join, before you do I suggest that you make a gmail address just for safelist emails. Since you’re going to be getting a lot of emails that will make it easier to organize and not get personal emails mixed into it.

Once you have your shiny new gmail join the few sites below:

Legacy Mails:

List Jumper:

Explode My List!

Build my Downlines:

Get Paid To Join Websites


Profitable Email Marketing

List Nerds:


Once you’ve joined these sites you’ll start getting emails, click the emails click the credit link and start earning credits. Once you have a bunch of credits send your own emails out!

But I’m not going to leave you there, there’s one more program I have for you to help you with safelists! It’s called Mailer Ninja and it’ll help you manage your mailings.

If you’re anything like me then there is nothing more frustrating then missing a day of your mailings, especially in mailers you are upgraded in, missing your mailing by even just a day can add up to a big loss in advertising over the course of your upgrade.

This is the exact same thing that happens to John Bell and is why he created Mailer Ninja.

Mailer Ninja will keep track of all of your mailers and when you can mail again, it will even keep track of your messages so you have everything you need ready to mail right at once place.

Join me at Mailer Ninja and master your mailers by clicking the link

That’s my quick guide to safelsits, use them with traffic exchanges to build your business!

Getting started with Safelists
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