Free Bitcoin 2018

Looking to find a place to earn free bitcoins in 2018? The following sites allow you to earn them for free with no deposit required. (although it may make it faster to earn if you deposit some bitcoins) I’ve been using some of these sites for years and they’ve never let me down, try them out yourself and start making some free bitcoins!

Bitcoin Faucets

This is a very long running free bitcoin faucet where you can earn up to $200 in bitcoins every hour. They also have a free lottery, and a game where you can multiply your bitcoins. You’ll get 50% of your referrals earnings and extra lottery tickets when your referrals claim as well.

Bonus Bitcoin

On Bonus Bitcoin you can earn up to 5000 satoshi every 15 minutes, play a dice game to multiply your bitcoins, and you can earn 50% of your referrals claims. Pays out with CoinPot.

Moon Bitcoin

With Moon Bitcoin you can claim whenever you’d like, just answer the capcha. They offer many different bonuses to multiply your earnings such as a referral bonus for how many active referrals you have and a daily bonus for continuing to claim at least once a day. You’ll also get a referrals commission of 50% of your referrals earnings as well as that referral bonus. MoonBitcoin pays out with CoinPot.

Bit Fun

On Bit Fun you can play lots of free games and claim form the faucet at the top of the page whenever you want. Again this faucet has a 50% lifetime referral commission. Pays out with CoinPot.


Want to earn Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogcoin and many other crypto currency 100% passively? With QoinPro you can earn those free coins just by being a member, you don’t even have to login everyday to get them. QoinPro also serves as a wallet for each of the coins your collecting so you can deposit and withdraw whenever you want and even use your QoinPro wallets as your main wallets.

Other cryptocurrency faucets

you can also collect other cryptocurrency with these awesome faucets, all for free!

FreeDogeCoin is a Dogecoin faucet that allows you to win up to $200 in dogecoin every hour.They have a multiply game and all users will get a 50% commission on their referrals.

MoonDogecoin is along time running Dogecoin faucet that pays out with CoinPot. It works the same way at MoonBitcoin so be sure to use the same email to sign up with MoonDogecoin so you’ll use the same CoinPot username.

Another faucet from CoinPot, MoonLitecoin pays out in Litecoin. It works the same way a MoonBitcoin and MoonDogecoin.

The last faucet for the moon series of sites, this also pays out with CoinPot. Works the same way as the other moon sites.

Free Bitcoin 2018
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