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So you’re surfing traffic exchanges and you’re not making any money, you know there are people who make their living with traffic exchanges but how the heck do they do it?

teListBuilder is a wonderful way to start out on traffic exchanges by building your own list. A list is an autorepsonder that allows you to email anyone who has signed up with any update you want. It will also auto responds you’re own series of emails to them by itself. Don’t worry about writing your own emails if you don’t want to because teListBuilder has a series of email ready to go for you.

teListbuilder is a wonderful guide to setting up your own list and making money on traffic exchanges. They have step by step guides from setting up your autoresponder to driving hits to your lead capture pages (also provided by teListBuilder.)

With the teams feature you can surf only your favorite traffic exchanges and get seen anywhere. Just join a team and promote your team affiliate page. With this you’ll only surf exchanges you want and be seen all over the internet with sites other members of your team have surfed.

teListBuilder will even promote your lead capture pages for you, for as little as $25 teListBuilder will promote your page for you on the top traffic exchanges.

When you sign up for teLsitBuilder you’ll need an autoresponder, if you don’t have one already please try out TrafficWave. With TrafficWave you get a free 30 day trail to one of the best autoreponders in the industry. You can have unlimited leads in your TrafficWave autoresponder and they have a wonder affiliate program that you can build your downline along with your teListbuilder one.

With the help of teLIstBuilder you can build a massive list and be able to promote your affiliate programs and anything else to people who’ve opted into your mailings.


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